Meet Aaliyah

Your Private Muse

"To be soft is to be powerful."

// Rupi Kaur

Jumping into the adult industry 6 years ago has given me a lot of knowledge and resources. Whether its from listening to peoples childhood stories, hearing about  little accidents people have gone through or talking about new projects they have at work, these stories have all taught me something. The genuine and warm conversations I have had have evolved my mindset so much and made me a better person as I grow..

Fancy Learning About Me?

One thing that has led me to this line of work is my big love for independence and freedom. Coming from a strict cultural background, I loved escaping and feeling free. I wanted so badly to never have to ask for help again. To never feel like I’m receiving a handout. But, instead help others and be my own boss. I am working everyday towards my goals, I want to be able to reach a level of financial freedom where I can build a future legacy under my name. To not just provide a dream life for myself, but for others I love and care about and generations after me. I am confident and passionate with everything I do.

I’ve been a huge creative person from a young age. I grew up dancing a lot which led to my love for all different kinds of music. From old school reggae and hip hop to classic rock and soft chill. I take pride in what I wear and how I carry myself. I can be very versatile, sexy, and classy in how I dress. Other times I am super relaxed and laidback with just the right amount of sex appeal. I live life somewhat spontaneously and love trying new things. I was lucky enough to travel the world quite a bit and still would love to explore more countries and different cultures.

I make  sure to take time for my self care and self improvement. I love practicing mindfulness, working out and spoiling myself with little solo dates to better improve my health from time to time. 

I keep a journal and spend a lot of my time writing; but also recently grew a passion for reading.  So, I invested in books like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, “Atomic Habits”, and “The Intelligent Investor”. To further engross myself I began watching educational podcasts to further grow into the person I aspire to be. I have also pursued a degree in Social Work that I plan to expand on as I get older. 

Through all the learning I have done via conversations with people, education in college and extensively reading books (enough to finally have a dedicated bookshelf) I am on a path to be a great entrepreneur.

Nothing better than having individuals around you to share your successes with, and I hope that you will help me celebrate mine.

The Basics




5'5" (165 cm)


Fit / toned

Dress Size

0-2 US (xs-s)



Shoe Size

5.5 US / 36.5 EU


Long Dark Brown





The Details...

I love being the reason for someone else’s pleasure – I receive such joy in providing them with an opportunity to talk about their day, and the judgement-free space to express themselves. Our times together will feel spontaneous, sensual, and natural. I prefer longer, more intimate encounters to be able to build real genuine connections based on better understandings of our mental physical and spiritual levels.

My ideal date is a generous, discreet, adventurous, and (above all else) good spirited individual who seeks out a private muse to brighten the occasional days of monotony. I like to be able to forget about all the worries of the day and focus on the joy we have now. Nothing about me is ordinary, and I prefer to keep the company of those individuals who appreciate the extraordinary and revel in it.

To ensure the most electric chemistry possible, please take the opportunity to thoroughly peruse my FAQ and Policies pages (listed below). Once all the ‘i’s are dotted and the ‘t’s are crossed, we can begin to really connect… and that’s when the real fun begins.

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