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For Toronto/Canada, I require either a piece of government issued photo id, LinkedIn profile verification, or a reference from another reputable provider that you have seen within the last 6 months. Please be aware if using a reference to always ask the fellow provider before contacting me with their name.

For outside of Canada, I only accept government issued photo identification and LinkedIn at this time. I do not accept references outside of Canada for safety reasons.

Deposits can be made through E-transfer/Bitcoin for Canadian bookings, or PayPal/Bitcoin for all American or International engagements.

If you may prefer to use a gift card as a deposit method, please just inform me ahead of time and I’ll provide you with my gift card of choice.  The rest of the donation must be given in cash please.

While age is just a number, I do I prefer to see those 21+. I am open to seeing all genders, although I haven’t had the experience of being with a woman one-on-one. I also do not discriminate against ability, if you require any accommodations please let me know during the booking process and I will try my very best to accommodate.

Each encounter is unique, I cannot quantify the experience I provide with a menu or list of acronyms. I do not discuss services I provide outside of our private time together, so please do not ask beforehand. I like to think I provide an experience rather than a service.

I only accept same day bookings from those I have seen before and have stablished a connection with. I will accept a same day request from a new client on occasion with a 2 hour minute minimum booking, provided your initial message has included all pertinent screening information and with atleast a 4 hour notice. Please check my availability calendar (located in the header) for possible dates.

Otherwise, all bookings must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Absolutely yes! Allow myself and one (or more) of my beautiful friends to put together and evening to remember. You can view all of my duo partners HERE.

Are you seeking something a little more adventurous? Well, I do offer luxury erotic events throughout the year with some of Toronto’s most desirable companions. For more information, please visit my website:

I adore entertaining both you and your beloved, though my screening requirements are slightly different than one-on-one encounters. Please privately enquire for details and pricing.

I am happy to cater to reasonable outfit requests. only after a deposit has been made for our encounter. If you would like me to wear stockings please provide them during our encounter.

Yes I do. I do not discriminate, although I may not accommodate a certain type of kink if it is not in my comfort zone. For fetishes, please politely inquire with specific details. Don’t be shy — I am open-minded and accept all forms of play as long as it’s mutually safe and respectful.

My schedule is already quite hectic with personal projects and professional pursuits, so I do not offer any forms of virtual services at this time.

No, I have a strict Do Not Review (DNR) policy. Please do not kiss and tell the details of our times together, I prefer to keep the stories just between you and me.

I am happy to provide you with a reference to book with another provider, however you must ask in advance. I will not confirm that we have even met without explicit permission, so please take the time to send a quick message before listing me.

Though we might get along like life long friends or lovers, my personal time is mine alone. Please never approach me outside of a booked encounter, and I promise to do the same for you. 

I do not tour often, so if you’d like to see me in your city, I highly recommend booking a Fly-Me-To-You date. 

Absolutely not.

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